Follow these steps to make boerewors

Step 1: Recipe

Do this when making boerewors

  1. Use sheep intestines as casing, it must be of 22mm to 24mm diameter.
  2. Use 90% meat: ± 70% beef, ± 30% pork/lamb.
  3. Add up to 30% fat to the 90% meat.
  4. Add 10% liquids and spices.
  5. Add your unique blend of freshly roasted coriander, cloves, salt, pepper, cumin and nutmeg.
  6. Add cold water, brown vinegar, and Worcester sauce.
  7. Use your own unique recipe.
  8. Make your boerewors repeatedly. Allow as many people as possible to taste and to give you an honest opinion.
  9. Put your boerewors on a plate in the fridge and look at the colour the next day — customers prefer to purchase red coloured boerewors.
  10. Mix your boerewors ingredients effectively.
  11. Work with cold meat and ingredients for the perfect boerewors look.
  12. Under METHOD a description on how you work your ingredients is required.

Step 2: Ingredients

Step 3: Meat and Spice

Step 4: Mince

Do not do this when making boerewors

  1. DO NOT add chopped onions, garlic, chilli, ginger or any fresh herbs, vegetables or lemon juice.
  2. DO NOT add MSG or preservative spices.
  3. DO NOT add goat or game meat.
  4. DO NOT add too much of a filler, like breadcrumbs or oats.
  5. DO NOT add soy.
  6. DO NOT use plastic or man-made casings.
  7. DO NOT use thick casings.
  8. DO NOT add too many cloves, vinegar, or Worcester sauce — turns boerewors black.
  9. DO NOT have any overpowering tastes — too much of anything.
  10. DO NOT add too much fat.
  11. DO NOT overstuff your casing — you should be able to twist the stuffed boerewors.
  12. DO NOT add too much stuffing in the casing — it will burst while on the fire.
  13. DO NOT stuff your boerewors too fast — it melts and smears the fat.
  14. DO NOT add curry, chili, or garlic (dried or in powder form).
  15. DO NOT add cheese, chili sauce, tomato sauce, chutney, and mustard.
  16. DO NOT add alcohol of any kind.
  17. DO NOT state alternative ingredients in one ingredient (i.e., ‘brown or white vinegar’)

Step 5: Casing Prep

Step 6: Stuffing

Step 7: Presentation