Rules & Regulations


Shoprite & Checkers, sponsors and organisers will not be held liable for any losses or damages incurred through the competition. Entrants agree to accept all responsibility and agree not to bring any claim against Shoprite & Checkers, sponsors or organisers.


  1. By entering the competition the entrant confirms that the recipe entered is his/her own or is entered on behalf of the recipe holder with his/her consent.
  2. Entries close 15 June 2021 and the entrant agrees that the recipe and method submitted will not be altered in any way during the competition once validated by the Namibian Chefs Association.
  3. 90% meat - beef (compulsory) plus lamb or pork; not more than 30% of the meat content may be fat, 10% spices, herbs and fluids.
  4. Use natural sheep casing of 22mm to 24mm diameter.
  5. It may not contain any "mechanically recovered" meat – meat derived through a process where meat and bone are mechanically separated.
  6. It may not contain any game meat (venison) or organ meat (kidney, liver).
  7. No other ingredients may be added except: Vinegar, (ice) water, pure spices (no ready made spice mixes), dried herbs, salt or other harmless flavourings. Cereal products such as oats or bread crumbs may be used as binding agents, keeping in mind that it should be suitable for mass production and a specific shelf life.
  8. The overall winner agrees to make his/her recipe available to the Shoprite Group of Companies for two years and acknowledges and accepts that Shoprite and Checkers may produce and market the recipe at their discretion. If the winner is a butcher, he/she may continue to use the recipe in his/her butchery, but only under his/her own trademark.
  9. Participants must enter 1 kg (one kilogram) of Boerewors for the regional round.
  10. Participants must bring a typed version of their recipe, with only their boerewors finalist number on (No Name and Surname) to the regional round of the competition. It must remain anonymous at all times.
  11. The Shoprite Group of Companies agrees that the entrants’ recipes will be treated as confidential and only the overall winner’s recipe will be used.
  12. The competition is open to all Boerewors makers in Namibia, including independent butchers and Meat Market staff of the Shoprite Group of Companies.
  13. Participants are responsible for their own transport to and from regional rounds.
  14. The Shoprite Group of Companies will contribute towards the travel & accommodation costs of each finalist travelling to the finale.
  15. Participants in the different rounds must be prepared to be named and photographed or filmed for publicity purposes.
  16. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  17. Prizes will be available to the winner, the first and the second runner up.
  18. Prizes are...
    1. Winner: Shoprite & Checkers vouchers to the value of N$150,000.00
    2. Runner-up: Shoprite & Checkers vouchers to the value of N$100,000.00
    3. Second runner-up: Shoprite & Checkers vouchers to the value of N$50,000.00
  19. Prize vouchers may be used to buy any type of product available at any Shoprite Group of Companies outlets (Shoprite / Checkers / U-Save) throughout the country, but may not be exchanged for cash.


  • Do specify in the your recipe the spices individually and by content (weight / volume).
  • Do add a description under Method on how ingredients are mixed and are worked.
  • Do Not add chopped onions, garlic, chilli, ginger or any fresh herbs, vegetables or lemon juice.
  • Do Not add MSG (i.e. Aromat®) or preservative spices.
  • Do Not add ready made spices mixes
  • Do Not add cheese, chilli sauce, tomato sauce, chutney or mustard.
  • Do Not add too much of a filler, like breadcrumbs or oats.
  • Do Not add soy.
  • Do Not use plastic or man-made casings.
  • Do Not use the wrong type of casings, it must be sheep casings of 22mm to 24mm diameter.
  • Do Not add too much cloves, vinegar or Worcester sauce — turns boerewors black.
  • Do Not use too much of any given ingredient as it might overpower tastes.
  • Do Not add too much fat.
  • Do Not overstuff your casing — you should be able to twist the stuffed boerewors – or it will burst on the fire.
  • Do Not stuff your boerewors too fast, as the resulting heat will melt and smear the fat.
  • Do not add curry, chilli or garlic (dried or in powder form)
  • Do not add alcohol of any kind (brandy, wine, etc.)

The boerewors champion may not enter or partake in the competition for the following 3 years.

The judges’ decision is final.

A Champion Boerewors goes the extra mile, make your recipe count for 2021!