How To Make Boerewors

Step #1: Recipe
Step #2: Ingredients
Step #3: Meat & Spice Mix
Step #4: Mince
Step #5: Casing Prep
Step #6: Stuffing Boerewors
Step #7: Presentation

More Do's

  • Use sheep intestines as casing, it must be of 22mm to 24mm diameter
  • Use 90% meat: ± 70% beef, ± 30% pork
  • Add up to 30% fat to the 90% meat.
  • Add 10% liquids and spices.
  • Add your unique blend of freshly roasted coriander, cloves, salt, pepper, cumin and nutmeg.
  • Add cold water, brown vinegar, and Worcester sauce.
  • Use your own unique recipe.
  • Make your boerewors repeatedly. Allow as many people as possible to taste and to give you an honest opinion.
  • Put your boerewors on a plate in the fridge and look at the colour the next day — customers prefer to purchase red coloured boerewors.
  • Mix your boerewors ingredients effectively.
  • Work with cold meat and ingredients for the perfect boerewors look.
  • Under METHOD a description on how you work your ingredients is required.

More Dont's

  • DO NOT add chopped onions, garlic, chilli, ginger or any fresh herbs, vegetables or lemon juice.
  • DO NOT add MSG or preservative spices.
  • DO NOT add lamb, goat or game meat.
  • DO NOT add too much of a filler, like breadcrumbs or oats.
  • DO NOT add soy.
  • DO NOT use plastic or man-made casings.
  • DO NOT use thick casings.
  • DO NOT add too many cloves, vinegar, or Worcester sauce — turns boerewors black.
  • DO NOT have any overpowering tastes — too much of anything.
  • DO NOT add too much fat.
  • DO NOT overstuff your casing — you should be able to twist the stuffed boerewors.
  • DO NOT add too much stuffing in the casing — it will burst while on the fire.
  • DO NOT stuff your boerewors too fast — it melts and smears the fat.
  • DO NOT add curry, chili, or garlic (dried or in powder form).
  • DO NOT add cheese, chili sauce, tomato sauce, chutney, and mustard.
  • DO NOT add alcohol of any kind.
  • DO NOT state alternative ingredients in one ingredient (i.e., ‘brown or white vinegar’)
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